Smiling loyal reader

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve looking a little more satisfied. By the way, the last three works of Great Art are courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Five. Send some more, LRN5!

Good Monday. Rode the train, which was a good thing. I heard 580 was down to two lanes somewhere again today. No problem.

My family gave me a very nice leather rolling briefcase for my birthday yesterday. Hooray! It’s exactly what I wanted. It’s a little wider than my old roller, I think, and everything fits in there quite comfortably. It looks elegant and works great. Thanks, Loyal Readers One, Two, and Four!

I also received a very nice and very unexpected monetary gift from my father. I used it to order a new iPod, which I hope to receive as early as this week. I can stop moving podcast videos to my computer now. I also plan to rip a few movies and get them on there. I have a few Blackadder and MXC rips already, just waiting to be converted to iPod-compatible format. And there’s more where they came from – old movies galore! I can hardly wait to get started.

I was pleased to learn that James Lileks got the gig he wanted. He’s one of my very favorite columnists and pretty much the only blog I read. I was sad when he decided to quit writing his excellent Newhouse column. When the morons at the Minneapolis “Red” Star-Tribune dumped his column (which, truth be told, I very rarely read, but still), I was distressed and worried about the future of the Bleat (which I read religiously). Now he’s running the Red Star’s blog, though, which is a good thing for entertainment purposes but still not for commentary, at which he excels. At least the Bleat, the Diner, and all the other elements of his excellent website are safe.

The Loyal Readers had a nice time in Utah and appear to be glad to be back home. I know I’m glad they’re here. LRN1 and LRN2 each have a friend staying the week with us. I’m hoping to turn them both into Loyal Readers. Maybe I’ll finally get over that twenty-reader hump. How about it, Lee and Jay? Are you up to the Morrowlife challenge?

LRN1 added a comment to a recent post accusing me of making some sort of grammatical error. That’s so unbelievable I don’t even need to respond. Ridiculous. Ludicrous. Far-fetched. Et cetera. Oh sure, there may be some grammatical inaccuracies here and there, but they’re there for a Really Good Reason.

And I’m through for the day. See you tomorrow.

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