Frowning Loyal Reader

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve getting worked up for something big. I don’t want to be around about ten seconds from the time this picture was taken.

Well, I’m half a century old (happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Loyal Writer Number One, happy birthday to me!). Strangely, I don’t feel much different from yesterday. At least I’ve lived a full life. I got phone calls today from my mom, Loyal Readers Numbers Three, Four, and Five, and both of my brothers. Just finished a nice long chat with LRN3, in fact. It was nice to hear from them all.

My Standard Happy Birthday Protocol was followed today, with one minor exception. Instead of bring cupcakes to work, I opted to buy donuts instead. I got lots of signatures on my card, though, so it appears again this year as if I have a lot of friends.

I took myself out for sushi this evening and enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to the family’s return home tomorrow so we can have our real dinner and small celebration together on Sunday.

Otherwise, the day was fairly standard. I participated in a job fair this morning. There were about 70 people from Northrup Grumman looking for work. Their company has decided to close their bay-area facility and move the work and some of the people to Chicago. Most people don’t want to go, so they’re looking. I talked to several highly-qualified people (maybe more highly qualified than I’m actually looking for, in fact) and have some followup to do next week.

This trying to hire people is really wearing me out. I probably spend as much time working on hiring as on anything else, and I only have one acceptance to show for it so far.

It’s sleepy-time. See you on Monday.

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