Cat hat

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve just before last Christmas, staying warm in downtown San Francisco. Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Five. This particular photo published in honor of Loyal Reader Number Sixteen, whose comment on yesterday’s post was most welcome.

Also a shout out to Loyal Reader Number Three, who commented a couple of days ago on the 30 May post. He’s doing well in school this summer and enjoying it, which I’m delighted to hear. And I have no idea who that 70’s guy was. Only that he was a pretty good musician. And that he has Big Hair.

Long ride to work today. I decided to sleep in and drive, as I wanted to be able to stay a little late at work this afternoon. Big mistake. It turns out there was a pretty big accident in Livermore quite early that closed down half of the freeway lanes in my direction. It took four hours to get to the office, which seems a little excessive. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again tomorrow.

Otherwise, a fine day. I’m still feeling sorry for Loyal Pet Number One, who is cooped up in her kennel all day. Just one more day to go, LPN1! Although I seriously doubt she reads the blog very often.

The Happiest Day of the Year is tomorrow. I don’t have any cupcakes to bring to work, so I’m buying donuts tomorrow morning on the way in. My birthday card is ready and nothing could possibly go wrong now.

See you then.

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