Waterfall redux

Here’s another look at the Big Sur waterfall featured in this space last month. I’m pretty sure the camera was horizontal when this picture was snapped. See what you think.

Wednesday meeting night tonight, so there will be little time to do things at home. I’ll be able to grab some dinner and maybe feed the fellas. And maybe set the papyrus plants back up yet again. And maybe pet the dog for a minute or two before locking her back up again for another couple of hours. Poor thing.

I’m hoping Loyal Reader Number One and his friends are having a good time at EFY. Do you have computer access, LRN1? Probably not. How about you, Loyal Reader Number Two? Any other Loyal Readers out there? Why?

Today was a Very Important Day at work. I’m free of my indentured servitude! I started work here in Sunnyvale exactly one year ago, and I no longer have to repay my move expenses if I should choose to quit. I have no desire to quit, but it’s nice knowing I’m free, Just In Case.

I’ve been fooling around with getting a Ruby book on my Palm. I saved all 520 pages of a web-based version of The Practical Programmer’s Guide to Ruby as a PDF file last night. Today I converted it to the Palm version of Adobe Acrobat and copied it to my gadget. It took a very long time to convert but seemed to work just fine. I wondered, though, if there was a better way. I use a neat open-source program called Plucker that grabs web pages and puts them on your Palm, allowing you to decide how many levels deep it will go and which pages it will include and exclude. The advantage of this program is that it preserves hyperlinks, so you can jump around on the downloaded site as you choose. I ran it on the Ruby book site and it worked! I copied it to my gadget. It worked just fine for a little while, but then it seems to have made the Plucker application on the handheld go bonkers. I grabbed control back and deleted the document. The PDF version is back on there. Stupidly, I had deleted it when I installed the Plucker version, so I had to convert it again, but I survived. I don’t know what went wrong with Plucker, so I just might try it again. I’ve used it for fairly large websites before without any problems.

Anyway. Yesterday’s windy, cloudy day seems to be over. Loyal Reader Number Four told me it’s pouring, blowing, and freezing in Utah today. They have my pity.

And why try my Loyal Readers’ patience any longer? See you tomorrow.

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