Rock pile

Here’s Loyal Reader Number One creating some rock-based Great Art. We don’t confine ourselves here strictly to photographically-based work. Astute Loyal Readers will note the bird in the background. So I guess this picture could be considered part of my highly-respected Bird Series.

Nothing much to talk about today, especially since I used the Wonders of Blogger this morning to make Monday’s post. Well, there is one thing: my eyes are fine. I’ve ordered some new reading glasses (alas, the depredations of age continue their relentless advance) that will allow me to see short-range things a little bit better, but I’m otherwise doing great. Combined with my outstanding tooth quality, it was a good day, medically speaking. It was also nice to be around the old homestead most of the day, dogwise if for no other reason.

What a windy day! A front blew through this afternoon, pushing some clouds further east. The wind was strong enough to blow the two boogie boards into the pond, one of the noodles into the pool, and the barbecue cover and the covers of two torches onto the ground. Sigh. Even though it was quite cool, I’ve kept the windows closed today, thus minimizing the impact to my allergies. Not to mention the dust level in the house.

Just a minute – the discussion of the pond reminded me that I still need to feed the fellas today. Be right back.

I’m back, having fed the fellas (they’re just fine, thanks), chatted with Loyal Reader Number Four on the phone (she’s fine too, thanks, and having a nice time in Utah), transferred the guacamole to a more secure container, eaten some ice cream, ordered some nice in-ear Bose headphones for my birthday, and shut down my work computer. Whew.

And now I want to spend a little time studying Ruby before I go to bed. Must prepare to open the software company! See you tomorrow.

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