Here’s the Big Sur river. I’m using this picture as the desktop on my work computer.

I need to figure out how to sell some of my Great Art. There must be people just begging for Quality Photography such as mine. I’ll be rich! Comfortably off! Socially secure!

Wonders of Blogger. Excuses: none. I’ve simply been goofing off. It’s been great.

Home from work on Tuesday – I have two medical appointments UPDATE: No cavities. Eye quality remains to be seen in the afternoon.

The weekend was fine, if somewhat quiet. The family left for Utah and EFY early Saturday morning. I stayed home to work, although maybe I should have taken a week’s worth of vacation and gone too. Doesn’t make any difference at this point, of course. I swam, started building a Mousey the Junkbot (still need to order a few parts, so it’s not done yet), and puttered. And ate an appealing selection of frozen foods. Yum.

Sunday was stake conference. It was a nice meeting – no new doctrine and plenty of reminders to do what we ought to have been doing all along. So it was fine.

I’m having trouble with the papyrus plants in the pond. They keep falling over. I have to go out there every single day and set them back up. I’ve started putting rocks in the pots, but it still doesn’t seem to be helping. I think they need heavier pots. Loyal Reader Number Four has suggested repotting them with rocks in the bottom. Might work.

More on Tuesday. See you then.

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