Pond revisited

Here’s another recent look at the pond. Note that we still need to put in the bamboo water pourers. We’ve already getten more plants in with more to come. It’s looking great and only getting better.

The work week’s over! More or less, anyway. I still have to do several work things tomorrow and be on some phone calls and file an expense report and try to hire some people, but I can do it all from the comfort and privacy of my own home.

Which is a good thing. The family is leaving for a week in Utah on Saturday morning, so it will be nice to have the whole day with them before they go.

Let’s see, what’s newsworthy in my world today? I was pleased to hear that Apple is finally starting to sell some DRM-free music through iTunes. Then I read on Engadget yesterday that they are including the purchaser’s name and iTunes account number in the purchased music, presumably to allow the record companies to persecute prosecute pirates. Engadget says they think that sounds like a fair tradeoff, and I mostly agree, but apparently a large swath of the iTunes-purchasing community feels otherwise.

I can sort of see their point. If you rip music from CDs, you end up with high-quality, non-personally-identified music files. Why should music bought over the internet be any different? On the other hand, why should I care if they put my name in my music files? I’m not going to pirate it. On the other other hand, I’m against privacy invasions in any form, regardless of the fact that I’m not up to no good, and this can certainly be construed to be an invasion of my privacy.

In any case, it doesn’t matter much. I upgraded iTunes last night and checked whether any of my purchased music is eligible for the 30 cent upgrade. There’s one song. I might buy it just to see if I can tell any difference between the lo-fi old version and the hi-fi new. But I might not.

Anyway. The broken toe is even better today than it was yesterday. I still don’t like to walk very far, but there’s no limp and only minor numbness. I didn’t even take any Tylenol today. I even think the allergies are doing a bit better. The nasal spray isn’t supposed to kick in for a week to ten days, so the big difference is probably the Allegra I’m now taking as opposed to the Claritin I was taking. Loyal Reader Number Two is now taking the Claritin, though, and it imagine it’s helping him out. Is it, LRN2?

That’s it for today. I’ll see you tomorrow, rested and relaxed.

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