Here’s a look at the ocean from the Big Sur beach last week. See if you can find the seagull. Look for more Big Sur Great Art in the near future.

No time tonight – it’s Wednesday go-to-meetin’ night. Since I inexcusably missed yesterday’s post, though, my Loyal Readers deserve to know I’m at least alive.

I’m sorry to report that I just learned that my aunt Bea Morrow (my dad’s brother’s wife) passed away this morning after a long battle with cancer. She had an operation about a week ago, and she appeared to be recovering well. Suddenly, she had a stroke followed by a heart attack. She never recovered significantly and it’s probably a blessing that she died at this point. I wonder if her husband Jack thinks so right now, though. We’re very sorry to hear the news.

The landscaper started working on the back yard again today after I threatened to sue him and started getting bids to get the work done properly. We’ve given him about a week to either get it all ripped out and done right, remove his defective work and refund our money, or be invited to go to court. We’ll see how it turns out.

And I need to get going. See you tomorrow.

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