Here’s last week’s campsite at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. What a beautiful place! For a few details on the campout, along with some pictures (several of which will probably be replicated on this blog), check out the article on the HRVA website.

Well, we’re back and the blog goes on. We had a great time in Big Bear and then another great time in Big Sur. It was great seeing Loyal Readers Number Five, Six, and Twelve’s nearly-completed house (picture to be featured soon) and, of course, just to see LRN12 again. She’s getting cuter all the time. On a sad note, she gave Loyal Reader Number Four and I a terrible cold. We’re both still fighting it, alas.

And then the campout was more fun that two barrels of monkeys (although I have serious doubts that a barrel of monkeys would be any fun at all, now that I think of it, therefore rendering virtually everything more fun than a barrel of monkeys). See the HRVA article and future Great Art for details. Other than to say that our trailer’s battery just barely makes it through a single night, and thank heaven for generators.

Back to work today. I planned to ride the train but got out of the house without my jacket. It was just a bit too cool for short sleeves at 5:30 this morning, so I just drove in. It turned out to be just a little short of two hours’ driving to get there, and only one and a half to get back. Not a bad day after all.

At work, I was unsurprised to be greeted by 600 unread emails. I’m down to 450 or so this evening and continuing to make good headway. Otherwise, it was pretty much business as usual around the old office, which isn’t a bad thing. I had a few checks to deposit and never got the chance. Don’t let me forget it tomorrow.

Thanks to all the loyal readers who kept the blog going in my absence with your insightful and witty comments. Your insights and wit were very . . . um . . . insightful and witty. Keep it up!

See you tomorrow.

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