Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve lying on her butterfly mat, kicking her feet around. What a cute little girl! She’s gotten quite a bit bigger since we last saw her, and she’s way more alert. She started trying to crawl last night. She’ll be moving around on her own Real Soon Now.

Happy Easter! I’m forgoing the Wonders of Blogger today and just posting on Sunday. We’re in Big Bear, as the above picture indicates, and having a very nice time. We’re leaving for home a little later today and will be sorry to go.

The vacation has been fun so far. We haven’t really done too much other than visit with family, but that’s what we came for. Loyal Reader Number Two and I took a drive into town yesterday and visited Loyal Reader Number Five at work. We also took a little walk on the Big Bear Lake boardwalk, which was interesting. On the way back to the Rowes’ house, we came to the local Ace hardware store, so we stopped and went in. We bought a couple of combination LED flashlights and laser pointers (link note: we paid more for ours and didn’t get wrist straps or carrying cases, but we still like them). We had seen Loyal Reader Number Six’s dad using one last November, and then pretty much all the Big Bear-based Loyal Readers got them for Christmas last year. I looked at all the hardware stores at home and couldn’t find one, so I had hoped to be able to get one while I was here. Yea!

We checked out LRN5, LRN6, and LRN12’s new house. It’s coming along very nicely. They’re scheduled to move in next week and there’s still a lot of work to do, but they’ll probably at least come close to being ready in time. They were putting the primer coat of paint on the inside walls yesterday. They still have to do the finish coat and then get the cabinets finished and installed, install the appliances, sinks, and toilets, get the plugs and light fixtures in the walls, and get the flooring installed. That’s a pretty tall order for one week, so we’ll see how they do. LRN6 is working hard on it.

Loyal Reader Number One went over and helped paint yesterday. They were using a sprayer, so everybody got pretty well covered with the stuff. They looked like they had had their hair frosted. It was a good look for some of them, but I don’t think it’s LRN1’s best thing.

Time to go to church. As mentioned before, I doubt very much there will be any posting during this week’s vacation, so Loyal Readers are highly encouraged to do some posting of their own. See you later.

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