Space bunny

Here’s an early Russian spacecraft that was built to contain a bunny and a couple of other little rat-like creatures. Suffice it to say that anything flown into space in one of these things didn’t ever come back. The critters in this photo are stuffed, of course. Photo taken in the Baikonur space museum.

Maybe this wasn’t the greatest time to publish a picture of a bunny-killing spaceship, what with the Easter weekend coming up and all. Oh, well. Easter isn’t really about bunnies anyway, is it?

I’m on vacation! Woo hoo! I need to make the most of every single second, of course. So far, I’ve driven home (top down, of course, and on the mountainous back roads, of course), eaten dinner, helped Loyal Reader Numbers Two and Four review and edit a paper LRN4 is submitting in a writing contest and get it submitted, make a list of things to take to Sugarloaf, and read a few online articles. Things should be going uphill from here.

One thing I haven’t managed to do this week is go to the library. I was hoping to have a few new books to read during the trip, but that didn’t happen. I still have several unread books I bought at last year’s library book sale, so there will at least be something to look at there. I probably won’t have much reading time over the weekend anyway. Now the camping trip is a different story. Since we’ll be home until about noon on Monday, I just might be able to get out and get some reading material then.

LRN2’s story was a good one, by the way. It’s the story of one of his recent Scout hikes. From the sound of things, he didn’t enjoy overly much, but he did at least think the view from the top of the mountain was nice. He and I need to start hiking together, I think. I know I could certainly use the exercise and would like to be able to enjoy a nice long walk from time to time.

Don’t forget, Loyal Readers, that there will probably be no posting for a week or so. I’ll try to get Friday’s post done – possibly using the Wonders of Blogger (link alert – how many have you seen? My count is twelve.) on Saturday – but I doubt I’ll be able to do anything about it at the state park. Still, I’ll invite the Loyal Readers to check for posts from time to time, just in case, and I invite the Loyal Readers to step in and take up the slack while I’m gone. Let the rest of us know what you’re up to!

Speaking of which, thanks to Loyal Reader Number Seven for checking in with us today. Sounds like you have plenty of good stuff to do. Good luck with it all!

See you tomorrow.

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