Birthday boy

Here’s another Baikonur shot, taken on my birthday. I of course put on my special Birthday Robe and Birthday Hat and had a piece of delicious Russian Birthday Cake. Wishing I was home.

No time for writing tonight either – it was Wednesday-go-to-meetin’ night. It went about half on hour longer than usual, so it’s already late.

Tomorrow’s my last work day before eight days of vacation! Blogging may or may not happen on Friday – probably not, in fact. I might find the time to post something on Saturday. And then there will almost certainly be nothing Monday through Friday of next week. We’re going down to Big Bear Friday through Sunday and then to Big Sur for a camping trip the next five days. There won’t be any electricity at the campground, so I kind of doubt there will be wireless internet. Who knows, though? Anyway, we’re all looking forward to a well-deserved vacation. And to seeing Loyal Reader Number Twelve and her parents for a couple of days. And this will be an ideal opportunity to get some more Great Art for the blog!

Haven’t heard from Loyal Reader Number Seven for quite a while. I wonder if she got sick of the blog and quit reading. Like most of my other Loyal Readers. Maybe we need to recruit some new ones. Or just be satisfied with the few I have left.

So that’s it for tonight. See you tomorrow.

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