Here I am at the market in Baikonur a few years back. Great shopping there.

No time to post tonight. My web server broke early this morning and was dead all day. I needed to figure out the problem and fix it after I got home from work this evening. Spent a few hours, but it’s working again!

It turns out to have been an automatic update of a program called ModSecurity that tries to block bad guys from messing around with my web server. The new version killed all my custom rules and had an error in it that kept it from working at all. It took a while, but I found the error and fixed it (it was a bad file name in an “include” command). I spent most of the time trying to get my custom rules working again. I finally got them so that the web server would run, only to discover that both this site and the HRVA were broken. Sigh. I took out the custom rules and am now going with the standard ones. It’s working again, in any case.

So it’s 11:00 and I need to go to bed. I’ll try to be a little more fascinating tomorrow.

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