Here’s Great Art featuring . . . Great Art. Talk about confusing. Some of the painters seemed to have a bit of Artistic Temperament, an affliction that fortunately doesn’t affect me. My talent is pure. Part of my famous Camping series.

Fine day at work, although the commute was less than perfect. Moved pretty well until I got the where two lanes were closed for an accident. Got there eventually, though.

It was really crowded getting to the temple. Took a little more than an hour to make a 45-minute drive, which really isn’t too bad, all things considered. The temple session was very nice and I’m glad I went. Saw a few people from the ward, plus a woman who introduced herself as somebody I called to serve at Young Women Camp. I’ve spoken with a whole bunch of people and don’t have any idea who they are in person. I have a lot of names to learn this summer.

LRN1 is having his wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. We’re hoping for the best but expecting him to feel pretty bad for a few days. Good luck and a speedy recovery, LRN1!

What with temple night and all that, it’s late. Weekend plans pretty much center around helping LRN1 out. There’s also the lawn to be trimmed, the filters to be cleaned, and a car to be washed. Plus a navigation system to be written. Ought to be both action-packed and relaxing.

No food violence, no toilet news. The world is at peace.

Next blog: my birthday! See you Monday.

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