Long Walk

Here’s LRN2 on the way to one of our geocaches at Chabot. Part of my famous Camping series.

Happy birthday to me! It’s been a nice day on all fronts.

We actually celebrated my birthday yesterday. LRN5 was there for the afternoon, which was extra nice. I received some nice gifts and a great dinner.

Spoke with my Mom last night and my Dad, brother, and sister today. It’s always possible that more loved ones will call tonight or tomorrow. What a great day.

Just one small negative note today – LRN4 discovered a flat tire on the Suburban this morning. Sadly, it was the result of yet more vandalism. Welcome to California. Costco cheerfully replaced the tire at no cost, as part of their no-cost tire warranty. I like Costco and plan to give them a lot more tire business.

LRN1 had his wisdom teeth removed on Saturday morning. It was a tough weekend for him. He’s still in pain, but is recovering well. The swelling, which was never very bad, is already receding. One more missionary checklist item completed. Probably the most painful one.

LRN1 and I stayed home on Sunday. We watched a bunch of TV shows on Hulu. Sat unhappily through a bunch of (unattributed) Microsoft commercials for their stupid Bing search engine. No mention of Microsoft or what Bing is, of course. Just announcements of today’s “Bing-athon.” Looks stupid. The harder Microsoft tries to be cool, the more uncool they are. Sigh. I read somewhere they have a $100 million advertising budget for Bing. Maybe if they would put that kind of money into their product, they wouldn’t have to try to fool people into using it. Double sigh.

I got yet more good news today – all the YW camp counselor callings are filled! Woo hoo! It’s been a struggle. Now I’m looking forward to getting to camp. Should be a pleasant week.

LRN2’s been working on an article for spinfo.info. He reviewed the very cool game called flOw. It’s a strangely compelling game. Highly recommended. See the article for a description. You can play online or download it for free.

I need to shoot him a copy of sumotori. Also worth playing.

I’m also working with LRN1 on making gardenvillesoftware.com a destination for Arduino enthusiasts. He’s working on documenting the MARV on an ongoing basis. And I’m adding a few links to interesting Arduino projects.

I’m still struggling with gville’s focus. Here’s something my Loyal Readers could help me with. Or something with which my Loyal Readers could help me, to avoid ending the sentence with a preposition.

Anyway, what’s your opinion? There are several decisions to be made:

1) Should we abandon the gville domain for something easier to remember, more descriptive, or hipper?

2) Should we eliminate anything not related to Arduinos or talk about anything in tech that interests us?

3) Should we get a new website design and/or logo? If so, what?

4) Should we eliminate the currently-unused Forums feature or try to get it used?

5) What else should we change?

I’d really love to hear some opinions.

Today’s important glowing animal update: they have glowing babies! Still waiting for the snake version.

Time for other things. See you tomorrow.

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