Daddy duck

Here’s a duck we spotted at Chabot Park recently. He and the missus were watching their three babies. He looks just a little suspicious of us here, doesn’t he? Part of my famous Camping and Bird series.

Extreme Short Shrift. It was Massive Meeting Tuesday. Drove the Miata today, so there was no blogging from the train, either.

All’s well. The weather has been incredibly pleasant – cooler than usual, I believe, and sunny and beautiful.

Thanks to LRN1 for his comment on yesterday’s post on glowing snakes. They’re cool, but they’re not quite real. The search continues.

So I’ll leave you with some food violence news: When going to the zoo, don’t eat the Sno-Cones. Really.

No comments on my questions yet. I’d really like to know what you think.

Much more information tomorrow. See you then.

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