Baby ducks

Here are two of the baby ducks being protected by the daddy duck from yesterday. Aren’t they cute? Looks like the one on the left gets a little more than his fair share of the chow. Part of my famous Camping and Bird series.

Greetings, Loyal Readers.

Normal day. Other than the big company picnic over at the Corporate Ballfield. Free food, decent weather. No complaints.

LRN1 reports he’s still having a bit of a difficult recovery. It appears to me that there may be a bit of a suture that has broken off and lodged in the tissue at the front of his throat. Of course, I’m probably wrong. He’s going to the dentist’s office tomorrow afternoon, so the truth will be out shortly. If I’m right, I propose that each Loyal Reader send me a $100 cash reward for my excellent medical/dental diagnostic skills. If I’m wrong, we’ll forget all about it.

Update: The piece of suture broke loose at dinner tonight – LRN1 retrieved it. Where’s my hundred bucks, Loyal Readers?

I think that’s fair.

Special thanks to LRN1 for his comments on the future of Gardenville. I suspect his suggestions are right and I’m very serious about turning th website into a one-topic blog. We just have to make the commitment to update it on a regular basis. With meaningful content.

LRN2 made travel plans today for a summer visit with his friend Jay. Is Jay a Loyal Reader? Let’s have a look over there on the right. Why, yes he is! Thanks for your Loyalty, LRN21!

We have some highly important Toilet News today: The King of Toilets is nearly ready. That’s gotta be some kind of a nice toilet.

See you tomorrow.

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