Here it is folks – a view of Paris from high up on the Eiffel tower. I think it looks best from this angle, don’t you?

I hope Loyal Reader Number Five has been reading the blog the last few days. She’s a big Paree fan, dontcha know. Watch for a few more Paree pictures in the near future.

Three more days at work in Newtown! Woo hoo! I’m really sick of being there.

Bad news – I found out I’ll have another company laptop in Sunnyvale. Now I can’t justify buying that 15-inch MacBook Pro I had my eye on. Well, there’s always another time. Besides, I still love the G5, and I can get one of them for no more than the cost of a MacBook Pro. I’ll probably wait and see what Intel machine they replace it with. It’s bound to be beautiful too.

Sandy and Scott are scheduled to arrive in another three hours or so. I’m home from work the whole time they’re here and we have some fun stuff scheduled. It’s supposed to be 90 degrees and sunny on Monday, which ought to be a pleasant day. Let’s not talk about the rain forecast on Friday and Saturday.

The potential house buyers evaporated today. They certainly had a quick case of cold feet. It’s just as well – I would rather have lost them now than a few weeks in the future, and I had developed a really bad feeling about them. We adjusted our price today and have a showing scheduled tomorrow. Our agent feels “confident” the house will sell within a few weeks. It needs to.

I finished Something New by P.G. Wodehouse today. What an enjoyable book! It’s classic Wodehouse – a frivolous look at frivolous upper-class British Twits. The story revolves around a rich guy who accidentally takes another rich guy’s valuable Egyptian artifact and then mistakenly assumes it was a gift. The other rich guy wants it back and hires a young guy to steal it. Lots of humor ensues. I highly recommend it, as I have almost all of Wodehouse’s work. Next up in the Morrowlife book club: Tales of St. Austin’s, by our hero, P.G. Wodehouse.

Remember, friends, most of our book club titles are absolutely free to download from, and pretty much the rest come from the public library. Our goal here is to read some cool books without spending much money.

Remember also that the tools to convert the Gutenberg text files to Palm readable files are also free. I use Microsoft Word (definitely not free, but freely available on my work-provided laptop) to make a few formatting changes – eliminate paragraph breaks at the end of each line and delete excess spaces – and then use MakeDocW to convert it to a Palm-readable file. I use PalmReader, which is also free, as my Palm e-book reader. Try it out, Palm owners!

Time for a bowl of ice cream. See you tomorrow.

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