Two Loyal Readers and a Loyal Pet

Here’s a nice old camping picture from right after we got to Pennsylvania. Loyal Reader Number One has changed a bit since then.

Blogger’s alive again! I tried posting the other night, but couldn’t get into Blogger. It had already been way too long since my previous post, and now it’s even longer. Must . . . post . . . more . . . frequently.

Today was my last day at work in Newtown! I must say they’re not really rolling out the red carpet in Sunnyvale – I had to call somebody to find out when I should report on Monday, since they made no effort to contact me. If I wasn’t so full of self-confidence, I’d be a little worried. I’m really excited to be finished with all the integration clerical work and start actually doing some software again. And to become a boss. Check back with me in a year or so to see if I’m still excited.

My coworkers took me to lunch today, as might be expected, and give me some Extravagant Gifts, which consisted of a very cool lava lamp (link warning – lava sounds), a bottle of Excedrin (for manager-sized headaches), and fifty-five bucks of Cold, Hard Cash. I thought about using the cash to buy a video iPod, but Loyal Reader Number Four pointed out a slight discrepancy between the cost of the ViPod and available funds. That’s never stopped me before, but it just might stop me this time. We’ll have to see. My sister Sandy (sadly, not a Loyal Reader, in spite of my best efforts) has one, and it looks really nice. It might come in really handy on the train between Tracy and Sunnyvale. Assuming we end up living in Tracy, that is. Which I’m pretty sure we will. But maybe I should wait until it actually happens in a few months.

I noticed that I forgot to update the Morrowlife Book Club when I changed books several days ago. Strangely, there hasn’t been a Loyal Reader outcry over the omission. Luckily, I’m fixing it now, so there’s no need for an outcry after all. Stay sharp, Loyal Readers!

A thunderstorm is rolling into town as I type this. It is suddenly pouring and there’s lightning o’plenty. The Loyal Pet is freaking out. It’s supposed to keep raining pretty much until we get on the plane to leave on Saturday morning. Fortunately, the lawn is pretty short already, since it doesn’t look like there will be much opportunity to cut it again before we leave. Also fortunately, they’re not trying to move our furniture into a truck this evening.

We bought an old (built in 1924, actually) Chickering grand piano yesterday afternoon. It will be delivered tomorrow, and they’re taking away the hideous Steinway. Good riddance. It plays and sounds just fine, but it’s an upright and it looks like it belongs in a saloon. The Chickering needs to be refinished, but that’s something we can do, and it will then be absolutely beautiful. It has real ivory keys. Very cool. Although I’m of course totally opposed to the ivory trade. Stay away, PETA.

I hope to blog something short tomorrow, and then the next post will be from our new Secret Base of Operations in California. See you then.

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