Here’s the first in my famous Penguin series. Thanks to Loyal Reader Number Two for creating this piece and to Loyal Reader Number Four for the photography. Just like yesterday. In this case, though, I broke every Morrowlife Great Art Rule and did some serious electronic correction. Looks good, says I. We’ll be featuring a few more of my Loyal Readers’ works in the next few days.

Where’s Loyal Reader Number Eleven when I need him? He makes a little bit of folding money by taking beautiful pictures of his clients’ Great Art and printing them on High-Quality Paper using a Fancy Printer with Expensive Ink. We don’t need to print the pictures, but we really ought to take high-quality photos of Loyal Reader Artwork. Maybe I can remember what he taught me about his technique. Or at least enough to make my Loyal Readers’ work look good. Not that the existing pictures aren’t good enough already. I’m just always looking for ways to improve the Loyal Reader Experience around here.

Speaking of Loyal Readers’ artwork, Loyal Reader Number Seven previously expressed interest in sending in some Art. I promised to email her an address to send it to, but I apparently don’t have the right address for her, since my message bounced back. Therefore, I’m going to give you an address in a highly cryptic fashion that spambots (hopefully) can’t figure out. Here it is: my first two initials (the second one is “a”) plus my last name at gmail dot com. Send in that Great Art, LRN7! And I’m sorry about the delay – I just couldn’t get the email thing to work.

Loyal Reader Number One and I need to get to the store to buy a bag of M&Ms, so it’s already time to quit. I promised to bring some M&Ms to a coworker who has a couple of candy machines at his desk. He normally provides the candy and the pennies, so I figure the least I can do is fill up the machines every once in a while.


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