Portrait of the artist

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two’s self-portrait. Beautiful! Not to mention totally lifelike. I like it.

This post is brought to you courtesy of Computer on a Dime. That’s right, it’s a totally Linux post. I transferred some photos over to the new machine via one of my thumb drives. Had to figure out how to mount the drive again. It was pretty easy to find something on the net that tells how to do it, but Linux won’t really be ready for the desktop (at least for non-nerds) until it can automount thumb drives. I wonder what it will do with a CD-ROM. Anyway, I got the photos transferred over to the Linux box and now I’m running my normal blogging software on Firefox. Yoo hoo.

I need to figure out how to make blog posts offline after we move to Lardville. I want to write on the train during the trip home every afternoon. Even though there’s a Wifi car, I hear it doesn’t always work well. Offline posting is something Blogger simply won’t allow, of course. Might have to change to a non-hosted blogging client to make it work. I have to make the decision pretty soon, though – train riding starts in less than a month, and it’s a pretty complex change.

Speaking of which, I need to send away for my free one-week commuter train ticket. Real Soon Now.

Speaking of things happening soon, I have a proposal for my Loyal Readers. As you may know, the family is going to be out of town for the first couple of weeks on August. Since we’ll be camping, it’s almost a sure thing I won’t have an internet connection and won’t be able to make any Morrowlife blog posts for two whole weeks. This is bordering on the tragic. My proposal is for my Loyal Readers to take up the slack. I’ll post a brief message right before we leave and the Loyal Readers can keep things going via comments. What do you think?

See you tomorrow.

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