Pink dress

Here’s some true Great Art. Well, at least a photo of Great Art. Taken at the Harris Fine Arts Center on the BYU campus. Part of a faculty exhibition. Reproduced here without permission. But with the best of intentions. And I’m sure my Loyal Readers know Great Art when they see it. That’s why they’re here, after all. Picture ever so slightly touched up to eliminate a perspective anomaly.

Short day at work. Which is fine with me, since it was also a free day at work. I’m not too crazy about the off Fridays I have to spend at the office. But I do it anyway. The bright point was that I got to drive my new pickup. Did I mention it yet? Did I say anything about its stunning pickupish beauty?

Spent most of the afternoon installing, updating, and configuring Windows XP under VMWare. It’s working fine, although it does seem a little less stable than my Windows 2000 installation.

The cool thing, though, is that I was finally able to install the music server for our built-in Sony music player in the kitchen. It came with the house. The software only works on XP, which I didn’t have until now. It allows you to connect a music collection on your PC with any number of music players throughout the house, of which we have one. The software’s a little buggy, but I think it’s really cool anyway. I can control it from either the PC or the wall unit, including being able to turn it on downstairs from my desk upstairs. That’ll keep Loyal Reader Number Four on her toes.

Oh, I also downloaded the new Google Chrome browser. As with all things Google, it’s simple, elegant, and cool. I have no idea how they do that.

Good weekend planned. I’ve decided to actually learn Android, which will require me to become a competent Java programmer, which shouldn’t be too hard. I also need to get familiar with the Android API, but that’s doable too. I hope to find some time tomorrow to study and maybe run through a tutorial session or two. I found some excellent Android introductory videos, which I’ve started watching on the train. Maybe I’ll see some more tomorrow or Sunday. Otherwise, plans are nebulous.

It’s way past bedtime. See you Monday.

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