Wolf head

Here’s another work of Great Art from the BYU professors’ show. In fact, this one was painted by the same guy from last Friday. I don’t know whether the perspective is goofed up or the painting just isn’t square. The background looks straight, doesn’t it? In any case, I’m sure my Loyal Readers will agree this Art is Great.

This will not be a good week for blogging. Short Shrift is the order of the day today, as it probably will be on Thursday (meeting night) and Friday (Loyal Reader Number Three’s arrival). I’ll just have to find ways to pack the maximum amount of content in the minimum amount of space. And time. Especially time.

Good weekend, notable for nothing. Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve visited us – it was murderously hot both at their place and at ours. The chief difference, though, was that we have air conditioning and a swimming pool. Anything to get them here. We had a pleasant weekend. Relaxed, goofed around, read to LRN12, played with legos with LRN12, etc. No complaints.

I should have been washing cars and working on things, but I didn’t. They’ll wait. It’s supposed to cool way down this week – it’s not supposed to be above 93 during the day and will be getting as low as 56 at night. If you believe the Weather Channel, of course. Fortunately, the Weather Underground is largely in agreement.

I always feel a little bit shady when I look something up on the Weather Underground. It sounds just a little too much like some kind of Sixties Radical organization. I half expect to see the forecast for peace marches and love-ins there. It’s just the weather, though. Far out, man.

All’s well otherwise. I’m sorry to hear that Loyal Reader Number One wasn’t quite ready when the people from InfusionSoft (no link to their site – it plays music) called, but I hope he’ll get another chance with them. I’m just delighted they called in the first place! It proves there’s a market for the product. I’m sure he’ll be devoting some time to getting the project in shape, and maybe they’ll still be interested.

Today’s Morrowlife controversy: Do you believe this? My answer: I’m still working up to the “caring” stage before I even consider the “believing” stage.

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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