Pisa gargoyle

Here’s yet another in my extensive and popular Statue series. This little fella is on a building somewhere in Pisa, Italy. Creepy. (Note that, as of Wednesday night, Blogger is having problems and pictures aren’t showing up. Drop by later and it will be there. And it will definitely be worth the wait. Creepy.)

Another Extremely Short Shrift night. I worked until about 7:15 this evening. The good thing about that is that it took only 1:15 to get home – basically a nonstop flight (link note: I didn’t speed, but I find the picture amusing anyway). The bad thing is that it was still 8:30 before I got here. Had dinner, looked at a couple of things on the interweb, jacuzzified with the family, and sat down to blog. And it’s already time for bed.

Loyal Reader Number Two is busily installing a new copy of Windows 2000 on his machine. I’m not sure what brought this on, other than somewhat flaky behavior the last little while. I think he’s going to need a new motherboard before much longer. It’s really nice to have one PC in the family still, even though LRN2 wishes he had a Mac. Doesn’t everybody?

Worked like a dog today. The Loyal Readers are coming to work tomorrow. We’re going to go around and look at cool things between meetings, so it ought to be an easier day. Then we camp.

No posts tomorrow or Friday – camping prevents them. See you on Monday.

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