Plane guy

Here’s a cool logo from an old WW I warbird at the Henry Ford Museum. Winged skulls must have been just the thing to spook the enemy.

Greetings from Lardville! That’s right, we made it home today. As with the trip out there, our first flight (Detroit – Denver) was right on time and our second flight (Denver – San Jose) was two hours late. No permanent harm done, but we were a little annoyed by the delay. Still, our bags were all there and we made it in one piece. On top of that, all was well with the house. So our complaints are few and brief.

Still, we don’t feel in any hurry to fly United again. Really.

There were 256 new email messages waiting for me when I connected my laptop to the server this evening. That’ll give me something to do on the train for the next few days.

But not tomorrow, alas. I can only work half a day or so, so it’s the car for me. We’re going to see The Phantom of the Opera in Sacramento tomorrow evening. We’ve had reservations since Christmas, and we’re looking forward to it. I’ll provide a brief review tomorrow.

See you then.

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