Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two enjoying the coolest exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum. Picture taken last Friday.

No post yesterday. I was . . . thinking.

Actually, I was busy at a nice family picnic at Loyal Reader Number Eight’s house, which is where we’re now staying. Moved on Saturday night.

Went to Greenfield Village on Saturday, as planned. They were having their Civil War recreation weekend. It was nice, but not why we went to the Village. We went for the cool old buildings, recreation of early American industry, arts, and crafts, and the general classy ambiance. It was there in abundance.

We watched a Jacquard loom in action. The loom’s been there for quite some time, but this was the first time I’ve seen it work. Apparently, they had nobody who knew how to work it until a couple took on the job. They figured it out and are making some nice stuff. It’s pretty cool to see it in operation. Many people consider the Jacquard loom to be the first true programmable computer. When you think about it, they just might be right.

Also hung out in the locomotive roundhouse for a little while. I got a lot of pictures, some of which will be featured here in the future.

– Much later –

It was at this point that LRN8’s wifi went dead and never came back to life. Don’t worry, Loyal Readers, we checked with her by phone after we got home and it’s back up. More in Wednesday’s post.

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