Powerhouse controls

Here’s the control panel in Henry Ford’s powerhouse. I guess if I had enough money to buy literally anything I wanted, I might get a power generating plant. Why not?

Greetings from the train. I’ve been riding a lot lately – it’s so much cheaper now – but haven’t been doing much writing onboard. I need to make better use of the time, though, and maybe reduce some evening computer time at home. There’s lots of writing to be done – stuff for the HRVA, articles for Gardenville (working on a short one now, in fact), to name just a couple – and I could stand to fritter just a little less.

I took the Suburban to Sunnyvale today to leave it at the station on that end. That’ll allow me to get to work a few minutes more quickly in the morning, leave the office about half an hour later in the afternoon, and have an emergency ride home in case I miss the last train. Or if I choose to take the late bus, for which there is no shuttle service. Plus, it’ll be nice to have a car at the office when I need it. I’m hoping it turns out to make the train trip much more pleasant. If it does work out, I’ll swap it for the Taurus after Loyal Reader Number One abandons it.

Speaking of which, I definitely want to make one of these. And definitely check out that website.

In spite of the need to get more done on the train, I do enjoy my podcasts. I’ve been enjoying a couple of new ones – one is a vodcast called Jigsaw. It’s a difficult-to-describe sock puppet comedy show. It’s better than it sounds. Have a look.

LRN1 is off to the LDS encampment. It’s being held on a farm a little more than an hour away from Lardville. He took off this morning, and Loyal Reader Number Two is going up tomorrow. They had the priests go up a day early to help finish setting up. LRN1 was able to call this afternoon to request that LRN2 bring him some additional equipment, and he reports that the place is really cool. They’ve got high-adventure stuff galore: scuba in a pool, rock wall climbing, horseback riding, a water slide, and tons of other stuff. They’re going to have live musical entertainment (an LDS group, but still), at least one motivational speaker, and an apostle. LRN1 sounds really excited about it. I’m looking forward to hearing about it when they get back. Have a great time, Loyal Readers!

In the meantime, Loyal Reader Number Four and I will be on our own for a few days again. Just us and the eleven Loyal Pets. We have no exciting plans. In fact, I have to work on my off Friday this week. Still, it ought to be quiet again.

Not that it’s particularly noisy when the Loyal Readers are at home.

We have a camping trip scheduled. We’re going up to Clark’s Fork again. We’ll go a couple of Thursdays from now, stay through Saturday, have a little birthday party for LRN2 Saturday evening (two weeks after his birthday, but it’s the only opportunity), go to church on Sunday, and leave for Utah on Monday for our fun-filled week of dropping LRN1 off at school. We’ll come home on Saturday and go to church on Sunday. Then it’s Labor Day. That’ll be twelve days away from the office, including the weekends, at a cost of only six days of vacation. Pretty good deal.

Anyway. I’m looking forward to the campout. We were up there last year and it was beautiful. Probably will be again this year. This time I’ll remember to write it up for the HRVA.

Morrowlife controversy followup: It looks like Kirby’s getting a little fallout. He can’t say he wasn’t warned. Assuming he reads the Morrowlife blog, that is. But everyone does, of course.

The blog was down for part of the day today. The server got a new IP address and I needed to update my DNS server. Things are back to normal. No comments on yesterday’s controversy, though, so I’ll let it stand for one more day. What’s your opinion on the Lasagne Registration issue?

See you tomorrow.

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