Sleeping friend

Here’s a young non-Loyal-Reader friend having a little nap on the sofa in our loft. He obviously needed the rest. That’s a kid who knows how to spread out. The pillow and blanket look to be doing him a lot of good, don’t they?

It’s (obviously) time for more Great Art. I’ll take the camera on the camping trip and to Utah, of course. I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities both places. I could probably do a little more mining of my current stash of photos as well. Have no fear, Loyal Readers. The Great Art just keeps on coming.

No post yesterday. It was Thursday Meeting Night and I ran out of time. Sorry about that, Loyal Readers. But I guess it wasn’t much of a hardship for most of you, since I haven’t heard from Anon for quite a long time. Although I was gratified to see some lasagne-related comments the last couple of days from Loyal Readers Numbers Three and Five.

Disaster! The Blog went down again today. I know what’s going on, but I don’t know why. Comcast seems to be changing my IP address daily. Maybe they’re doing it in an effort to discourage web servers. I have to admit it’s a bit discouraging to be brought down two days in a row. But I have instituted a fix that will (or won’t) prove itself when the IP address changes again. My server is now automatically checking the IP address every fifteen minutes and updating my DNS server when it changes. So the blog shouldn’t go down for more than fifteen minutes from here on out. We’ll see how well it works, won’t we?

Well, today was possibly the most interesting day of the year, date-wise. It was 08/08/08. Won’t see another one like it. Until 09/09/09. I made sure to date everything I signed today.

Controversy of the day: did this woman deserve to be arrested and charged with child abuse? After all, she was going at “snail speed.” And she was holding the kid’s arm the whole time. What could be more caring than that?

Have a great weekend.

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