Push the button, Max

Here’s Your Humble and Obedient Blogger pushing the button that launched the first man into space. Photo taken at the Baikonur museum.

Wonders of Blogger today. Friday night was busy.

Lots of things going on today. The drive to work was amazingly quick – just a hair under 1.5 hours. Of course, the Traffic Gods require that I spend a minimum of four hours in the car every day, so the drive home was very slow, even for a Friday evening. It turns out there was a motorcycle accident on the freeway in Tracy. That tied things up pretty badly for quite a long time.

Which was unfortunate, since I had a 7:00 appointment with the missionaries at the church. They had a building tour scheduled with some people. I went directly to the church and made it with a few minutes to spare. The tour was fine, although only one of the several people they had invited showed up. The elders had gone to quite a bit of trouble to prepare and it was a nice tour.

I finally got home at about 8:00, and the weekend is here! It’s general conference weekend, so we’ll be pretty busy watching BYU-TV. In between sessions, we’re planning to wash a bunch of cars, go to the library, clean the pool filters, and who knows what else. Busy, busy, busy. Andy and I need to do one more home teaching visit today too.

And I had better start paying more attention to the conference. See you on Monday!

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