Train guy

Here’s a Russian train guy in Baikonur. Hi, Vladimir!

Very little to write about today. Yesterday was Late Meeting Wednesday, so no post popped out of the blog machine, as usual. I worked kind of late yesterday (along with Monday and Tuesday, for what it’s worth) and barely had time to shove some food down my gullet and leave for the meeting. Came home again and went to bed.

Today was a little more relaxed. I got up a little late, got ready, and went down and had some breakfast (Cocoa Krispies and toast – the real breakfast of champions) while doing my morning meeting agenda and checking email. This was followed by a relaxing drive to Sunnyvale. Not a bad trip home either. And work was just fine to boot. Although we had a very serious server crash and also found out we have a bad bug in some new software that was built yesterday – bad enough to require a rebuild tomorrow morning. Alas.

Let’s see, what else? I helped Loyal Reader Number Four take out the garbage this evening. And . . . that’s about it for today. Sheesh. See you tomorrow.

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