Quadrotor selfie


Here’s our mutually favorite blogger taking a very artistic selfie from his hovering quadrotor. Great art courtesy of the exclusive quadrotor-cam, taken this afternoon at the great big soccer park across the road from my neighborhood, and part of my famous Electronics and Machinery series.

The park across from my neighborhood may be huge, but I managed to find one of its few trees with my quad. While I was trying my hand at a few expert maneuvers (while not yet quite an expert, by the way), I managed to get disoriented with it and fly it into a tree. It was pretty well stuck and I couldn’t get to it by climbing, so I decided to try throwing it a line. After extremely numerous attempts, I managed to snag it and bring it back to earth!

Sadly, it fell hard on one of its arms and snapped it right off. Luckily, Bob, my flying-buddy, had spares to replace the broken frame and LED lens, which he gave me in exchange for new ones I ordered tonight. I’ll tear it apart Real Soon Now and get it back in the air.

Anyway. No post yesterday evening. I was up in Summerlin for the evening. Joanne had an important appointment there this morning and didn’t want to risk being late, so we stayed there. Had a nice dinner together and a lovely evening.

Her appointment went very well, apparently.

Mark and I went for sushi with the sushi group this evening. We went to a restaurant I hadn’t visited previously. The people were fun and the food was passable. Not great, but passable. Mark and I agreed we probably won’t go back there again, but we didn’t hate it.

Today was the first day of Mark’s semester! He reported some good and some bad, so I’m taking that as average. Good luck, Mark!

Nice weekend. We had a couple nice meals out and spent most of the day on Saturday working on Joanne’s house and yard. We got a few things fixed up and a few others straightened up and a few more ignored completely. Maybe some other time.

Tomorrow night, we’re going to see the UNLV basketball team play. Joanne got a couple of free tickets at work. I’m looking forward to the game. I wonder where our seats are.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: exploding baked bean tins!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. katy Says:

    Cool picture!

  2. Paul Says:

    I love the camera on the quadrotor!

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