Winery tractor


Here’s an old John Deere tractor that was once used at a winery in Sonoma county. I don’t remember which winery, but I’m guessing they’re not using it anymore. Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken in Sonoma County, California this past Saturday afternoon, and part of my famous Machinery and Vacation series.

Been a few days since I wrote again. Joanne and I just got back from a lovely weekend in Sonoma valley with Katy and Cliff. We spent Saturday and Sunday exploring the vicinity and visiting some absolutely lovely wineries. Sunday, we got a VIP tour of the Korbel champagne factory that was very thorough and even included a tiny look at their actual machinery and processes, as opposed to the quaint old stuff they normally show you. It was fascinating!

Today was a quiet day. I did a bit of work on PhotoDoc, got a haircut, got preregistered for my upcoming medical procedure (more about that in a moment), did some grocery shopping, and found some time to relax and read too. Much more PhotoDoc stuff to do tomorrow.

My medical procedure. I have reached that special age when an occasional colonoscopy is called for. So I’m scheduled to do it Wednesday morning. Tomorrow will be the tough day with a purely liquid diet and then drinking a couple of doses of the “special” liquid, followed by staying real close to home all evening. They say the procedure itself isn’t bad at all. We expect to be at the outpatient surgical center for about two hours on the fateful day. Mark has agreed to provide my transportation that day.

I still haven’t fixed my quadrotor. My friend Bob loaned me the parts I needed, but I don’t need them now, as the parts I ordered to replace the loaned ones have arrived. The last ones got here today. I might be able to get the work done tomorrow, or I might put it off until Wednesday while I’m at home recuperating. I think we’ll probably go flying again on Thursday, so the pressure’s on.

And that’s about it for tonight. I’ve leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: robot jellyfish!

See you tomorrow.

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