Rainbow sherbet


Here are some roses whose name I actually know: Rainbow Sherbet.  I think these blossoms are beautiful, but the interesting thing is that the red and yellow blossom there on the bottom left is on the same plant as the purple and white ones.  They have some amazingly beautiful, award-winning roses in the rose garden here.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPad-cam (a first!), taken at the City of Hope’s rose garden, and part of my famous Garden series.

Not a lot of health news today.  We didn’t go to the clinic, LRN4 took her pills on schedule, she didn’t walk up any stairs, and nothing scary happened.  That’s the definition of a perfect day as far as I’m concerned.

LRN4 did get some exercise today, though.  Since we expect to go home in a few days (hopefully!), we went to IKEA and spent a few hours buying some things we need for the house.  Unbelievably, there’s no IKEA in Las Vegas!  All my Loyal Readers should write their congressman immediately and demand that one be built.  Letters to Santa Claus on this topic are also encouraged.  And are likely to be just as effective.

Anyway.  We had a nice time wandering around the store and buying the things we needed, along with several things we didn’t really need but wanted anyway.  We topped it off with a 50-cent hot dog and dollar ice cream cone for me.  LRN4 still isn’t supposed to eat restaurant food due to her low-bacteria diet, and we wisely decided that an IKEA hot dog wasn’t a good place to stretch the rules, so she didn’t get anything.  But it was awfully nice of her to encourage me to get one.  It tasted good and was worth every cent it cost!

After we got back to the Village, we had a delicious lunch (WAY better than an IKEA hot dog!) and then went back out for me to get a badly-needed haircut.  My head feels way better.  I mentioned to the nice lady barber than I now gauge my need for a haircut by how long my eyebrows have grown.  It’s tough getting old.  She also mentioned what a pretty color my hair is – such a nice blend between brown and platinum blond.  Sigh.

I didn’t really start working on my iOS app until the evening, other than some study and preparation for adding the security feature, which I plan to incorporate tomorrow.  Something big did happen today, though – LRN2 finished the XML file he’s been working on!  I had to massage it a bit to incorporate a couple of late format changes I hadn’t told him about and replace some special characters with their XML replacements.  Then I ran it through an online XML checker, found a single small error (way to go, LRN2!), and stuck it in the app.  It works!  One thing I really need to do is find a way to verify it matches the online version perfectly.  Don’t know how I’ll get that done yet.

In the meantime, LRN31 got registered with my beta testing app installation website, so I’ll push another build tomorrow morning and get it out to her.  LRN3 is also working on getting set up to run the app – we’re having problems with his iPad for some reason – so I’ll get him definitely included in tomorrow’s build as well.

And that’s about it for the day.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: cheeseburger assault!

See you tomorrow.

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