Here’s the new pickup, courtesy of the exclusive low-quality RAZR-cam. I’m quite sure all my Loyal Readers will agree that’s true Great Art, regardless of the actual image quality. Note the delicate lines, the majestic sweep of the fender, the timeless beauty of the wheels. Wow. Part of my famous Machinery series. But only dubiously so.

Speaking of which, maybe I need to join the Ford Ranger Club. I never joined the Miata club (although I do use their excellent tech forums often to figure out how to fix my car) or even the Accord club (they don’t seem overly enthusiastic there, do they?), but this may be different. I think I may skip this club, though. Don’t have the scooter. I like their Ranger attitude, though.

I’m recommending that Loyal Readers Numbers Three and Five join this club. Now that’s the definition of cool.

No new controversy today. I’ve looked in all my usual spots, but there’s just nothing controversial going on in the world. So I’ll have to satisfy myself with Loyal Reader Number One’s controversy from last week. I agree completely with LRN3’s take on the issue. There’s nothing like a pair of Mormon missionaries to strike fear into the hearts of the fearless. That may be the ultimate home security device.

I tried to download Google’s new browser, Chrome. Sadly, the current beta will only work on Windows XP and Vista. No Mac version yet. And my virtual PC on the Mac is running Windows 2000. So I’m not included. Sigh. Have any Loyal Readers tried it out yet?

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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