Gravely Ford

Here’s a fascinating historical marker we found in Nevada on our way to Utah last week. See if you can pick out the date this thing was posted. Picture courtesy of the famous low-res RAZR-cam. Sadly.

No posts Friday or Monday. Sorry. We had company Friday. At Loyal Reader Number Four’s brother’s house. Old friends from Virginia came over. Had a nice time, but posting was impractical. Monday seemed like Saturday and I forgot. Fortunately, good old Anon hasn’t noticed yet.

Good weekend. We got home Saturday afternoon in time to welcome Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve for the weekend. Which was pleasant. We all got sunburned at the ward picnic on Monday afternoon, especially LRN12. Poor her. Get better soon, LRN12!

Things at work were pretty much unchanged today. That’s probably a good thing. The great news, though, is that my pickup was untouched by human hands. I finally got to drive it today! My Loyal Readers will be delighted to learn it’s still working perfectly.

Anyway. Things have returned to normal and life is running at its usual pell-mell pace. And we’re having a great time at it.

See you tomorrow.

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