Readers with Brigham

Here’s a group of Loyal Readers hanging around with Brigham Young. He’s the bronze-colored guy in the back. Picture taken during yesterday’s drop-off session. Part of my famous Statue series.

Extreme Short Shrift tonight. It’s late already.

Visited Loyal Reader Number One once more. We dropped off his suit and visited for a little while. He’s having a great time, has met lots of people, and is already incredibly busy. Have a great semester, LRN1! We’ll miss you. We miss you already.

Also visited Loyal Reader Number Four’s aunt and her husband (which I guess makes him her uncle, or at least step-uncle, but since her original uncle, who passed away unexpectedly a while ago, wasn’t a blood relative either, the current uncle is just as much an uncle as the late uncle. Or something like that.) and had a great time. He’s very friendly, witty, and a genuinely nice man. She’s also a family favorite.

Otherwise, slept, ate, and relaxed. Appropriate for vacation. Worked on our hosts’ desktop computer a little more. There’s still more of that to finish up tomorrow, along with a good amount of car maintenance I hope to accomplish. We’ll see. There’s also a visit and lunch with LRN4’s dad and stepmom and LRN4’s dinner out with friends from Virginia, which I may have mentioned I’m not invited to. Sheesh.

Anyway. See you tomorrow.

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