BYU campus

Here’s a postcard-type view of part of the BYU campus. That greenhouse-looking structure on the left is part of the library. Taken today while we were dropping Loyal Reader Number One off at school.

That’s right, LRN1 is now an official college student. We got him into the dorm at 9:00 or 10:00 or so, did a little walking around campus, had lunch together, and then left. He had a bunch of orientation stuff this afternoon and evening. We’re hoping he’s having a great time. Classes don’t start until next Tuesday, so he has plenty of time to get set up and familiar with the place.

Otherwise, very little happened today. I’ve been working on degunking a couple of our hosts’ computers and enjoying that. The laptop’s now done – it’s working great. I’m working on the desktop now. It’s in much better shape to start – it will boot, for example – but there’s a bunch of HP-installed garbageware and some things they no longer need, so there’s still work to do. The biggest challenge will be to get McAfee off of there. I’m going to replace it with AVG, which has a much smaller footprint.

More visiting coming up the next couple of days, and then we’re off for home. Have to go down to Provo again – LRN1’s suit got left in the closet, and he’ll definitely be needing it. We’ll be happy to visit with him one more time before we go.

Today’s Morrowlife controversy: Is this guy the lamest criminal ever? My answer: Definitely. Note to self – when taking hostages, find somebody else to do my shopping.

Time to be with the family again. See you tomorrow.

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