Under the bridge

Here’s the view from another of our Clark’s Fork geocache locations. This was on an old depression-era highway bridge. The bridge has been replaced by a bigger, better one, which is about three feet away. The old one is still cool-looking and the view of the river underneath is spectacular. As you can see. Part of my Camping series.

Nice day. I worked on our hostess’s laptop computer this morning – it wouldn’t boot and hadn’t ever been connected to their home network. I reinstalled the operating system from its secret partition and have been working on getting it set up ever since. It’s been trying to download Service Pack 2 for the past hour or more. I have no idea how much more time it’ll need. There are probably numerous updates to install after that, too. Good thing we’re here all week.

I also ran the PC Decrapifier on it. It worked pretty well at getting rid of the pre-installed junk. Highly recommended.

Anyway. I was finally persuaded to put the computer aside for a little while and go do a little siteseeing. We went to the Church Museum of History, Temple Square, and the Conference Center. There was a poorly-attended organ concert in the Conference Center – there were probably about twenty people there. The church’s organists do two performances daily, and have for many years. They’re now doing one in the Tabernacle and one in the Conference Center, which is the one we attended. Highly recommended. We stopped inside the Tabernacle for the first time since its recent renovation. It looks about the same as before, but better. The General Authority seats and podium are missing and have been replaced by a stage, but I assume they’re portable and can be brought back in when needed.

The museum was very nice, as always. It was lightly attended too. I guess the prime summer tourist season is over at this point. Anyway, we had seen most of the exhibits before, but I particularly enjoyed the small American Indian collection, the exhibits of Tabernacle artifacts, the collection of Temple Square photographs, and the Presidents of the Church exhibits. They had an exact copy of the podium in the Conference Center, made from President Hinckley’s walnut tree like the original.

And I forgot my camera, so there’s no new Great Art. Don’t panic, Loyal Readers. I’ll get some tomorrow. And the day after. But I missed some wonderful opportunities. I did shoot a couple of pictures on the exclusive, low-resolution RAZR-cam. They’ll have to wait until we get home, though – I don’t have the right cable for it here and this computer doesn’t speak Bluetooth.

We have a new Loyal Reader! A casual look over there on the right will reveal that Austin has signed on to the Morrowlifestyle. Welcome, Loyal Reader Number Twenty-Seven! As soon as I take his picture, he’ll have his own Very Special Day.

Here’s some good news for egg lovers – we can eat them every day without feeling guilty! Happy days are here again!

Loyal Reader Number One checks in to college tomorrow. Exciting day for him! I’m really going to miss having him at home, but we’re all really excited for his new adventure. And things aren’t like they were when I first went away to college. Email is immediate and long distance phone calls are free. Big difference right there.

Later in the week, we’re hoping to hit a Church Distribution Center and visit the This Is The Place monument. We also have some old friends from Virginia to visit. Well, at least Loyal Reader Number Four does. I don’t think I’m invited to the party. Harumph.

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