Reader with brush

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve with her hairbrush. Or maybe that’s her toothbrush. Or her spoon. I have no idea. Isn’t she just the cutest, though?

Happy May Day! Not a holiday celebrated much around here, granted, but possibly about as popular as Boxing Day. And just as logical.

Beautiful weather out there again today. It was sunny and comfortable in both Sunnyvale and Lardville. On the other hand, the Weather Channel told me this morning that it was 32 degrees and snowing in Salt Lake City. Loyal Reader Number Four’s brother and father have my pity. On the other other hand, it’s already getting blazing hot in Phoenix. Loyal Readers Numbers Three and Fifteen also have my pity. Can’t complain about Northern California’s weather.

Blogger continues to have problems with FTP publishing. It took me about an hour to get last night’s post to appear, and I don’t plan to wait that long again tonight. It’s my Thursday Night Meeting Night, so the time simply isn’t available. They need to get their act together. Or I need to move to different blogging software. I may look into WordPress again.

Today is the Morrowlife blog’s 498th entry! We ought to have some kind of celebration for the 500th post. Maybe some nice devil’s food cake and a round of jacuzzifying. Other suggestions?

The weekend will be busy. Loyal Reader Number Two is going camping with the Boy Scouts Friday and Saturday. Loyal Reader Number One and I are helping a friend’s daughter move in the morning, and then his Senior Piano Recital is Saturday evening. I think he’s pretty well prepared for it and hope a few people come and enjoy the music. At least I’ll be there.

I rewatched The Singles 2nd Ward today on the way home from work. I’m not more impressed than I was the first time I saw it. It’s not nearly as funny, and it plays way too much on the previous movie’s jokes. I also can’t handle the haircuts. Not highly recommended, although there are a couple of amusing moments.

We’re a few minutes away from my train station, so it’s time to button up the computer. See you tomorrow.

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