Here’s the Pacific Ocean at Big Sur. But I think it looks like the lagoon on Gilligan’s Island, don’t you? Note the two surfers down there near the bottom. Every time we go to Big Sur there are two surfers. Maybe they have some kind of deal with the state park.

Anyway. I frittered my time away this evening doing a little Cocoa programming on my Mac. I’m working through the tutorials in Loyal Reader Number One’s Cocoa Programming for Dummies book. The book assumes a slightly older version of Cocoa, so you have to do a little bit of translation, but I’m learning a lot.

Next project: finish the CSS on Also publish the little Bitmap Flipper program I wrote several weeks ago on Also publish trip reports for at least the last two campouts on Also keep the blog current. Also do my church work. Also keep everything in the house in good working order. Also do my car projects (get some wax on the Miata and the Honda, get a new tire for the trailer, and get a new window zipper pull on the Miata, as of right now). Also need to rebuild Loyal Reader Number Two’s computer when the motherboard gets here. Also need to have some free time. Sounds like a lot. Some of it needs to be done on the train, I suspect. I guess the CSS can be done and the trip reports and software articles can be written there. Waxing the cars might be tough, though.

Anyway. Since I frittered (speaking of which, I brought the donuts in to work this morning and got myself a delicious apple fritter) my time away, it’s time for bed. Train trips Thursday and Friday. See you tomorrow.

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