Stanislaus river

Here’s a nice view of the mosquito-infested Stanislaus river, taken at last weekend’s campout. You can’t tell it from this picture, but this river has a pretty strong current. We sure had pretty weather for that campout.

Fine day. It was quite a bit cooler – lower 70’s, if yesterday’s prediction is to be believed – and there were a few pretty clouds. I took the Miata again, top-down both ways. That’s the only way to travel, I tell you.

Speaking of which, Loyal Reader Number Twenty-Three bought a new convertible today. He traded in his Toyota MR2 for a new Nissan 350Z. I thought his old one was pretty nice, but the new one is apparently really beautiful. And it has over 300 horsepower! I don’t want to pay his gasoline bills, but I’m sure he’ll enjoy the car.

Had my friends Bret and Ashley over this evening for a home teaching visit and new member discussion. It went well, and they’re nice young people. They’re expecting a baby in July and excited about it. They’re still young and struggling, but they’ll be fine.

No Tuesday night meeting tonight. It’s the fifth Tuesday, so no meeting. Dash it all!

What do my Loyal Readers think about the Reverend Wright/Obama controversy? I see Mr. Wright as a massive millstone who has the potential to turn the frontrunner into a footnote. It may have happened already. Your thoughts?

Time to do other things. See you tomorrow.

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