Reading frog

Here’s a frog reading a book. About frogs, of course. Although frogs may be excellent readers, their literary tastes are limited. On the other hand, people mostly read books about people. (Link note: disturbing topic, but I’m still trying to figure out what’s up with result #7. I mean, the show was bad, but it wasn’t that bad.) This might not be that odd after all. Picture taken in the reptile house at the Detroit Zoo.

One more Extremely Short Shrift post. I might have to start calling this the Shortshrift blog, rather than Morrowlife. Never fear, Loyal Readers, I’ll get my act back together Real Soon Now.

As promised yesterday, here’s today’s controversy: does this worry you? Not me. And I don’t think they’re invading anyone’s privacy. When you’re out in public, whatever you’re doing is fair game. Like this stuff.

See you tomorrow.

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