Russian launch

Here’s a really old picture I took at Baikonur. As I recall, this was a Soyuz launch. Looks like one, anyway. Ah, the memories of that vast desert wasteland.

Non-Short Shrift tonight. Went to work an hour late and came home an hour early. I’m rested and ready for the weekend.

Not that it will be all that entertaining. We’re helping move a friend tomorrow morning, and I don’t think she’ll be anywhere near ready to move. Sigh.

Let’s see what else needs to be done? I need to get the Suburban (commercially) washed. I want to wash the Honda too. Dirty, dirty, dirty. Loyal Reader Number Four’s going to need help getting ready for next week’s family reunion, and I’m sure there must be something I can do.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed Loyal Reader Number Twenty-two’s visit this week. Sadly, he’s heading for home tomorrow morning. Have a safe trip back, LRN22! And come visit us again.

He and Loyal Reader Number One are upstairs working on the electronic project that’s consumed their week. They’re trying to make an Arduino interface with a Mac to program a PIC chip, which will then be used as a serial driver for my cool little LCD panel. Of course, I could buy a serial driver for the LCD for about twenty bucks, but that wouldn’t be fun at all, would it?

Loyal Readers Numbers One, Four, and Twenty-two went to Alcatraz this morning, and then had lunch with Loyal Reader Number Five. It sounds like they had a nice day. The most interesting thing they saw, though, was a mother seagull throwing up pieces of fish for her babies to eat. I have to agree that sounds fascinating.

Ironically, they’ve been having the most trouble with something that should have been one of the simplest problems – they need to have a switchable voltage applied to one of the pins on the PIC. It’s been quite a daunting task, but I’m sure they’ll come up with something.

Today’s controversy: Who are you with: the Saint Nicks, or the Jolly Old Elves? This controversy just might end Christmas as we know it.

Well, it wasn’t exactly Long Shrift, but it wasn’t as short as some other days. See you tomorrow.

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