Oops. No posts for a few days. Sorry about that, Reader. I found an interesting website tonight – the Retrobits Podcast. It’s on the iTunes music store, so I subscribed. There are already 23 shows up, so it’s apparently not just a flash in the pan. I’ll post my impressions soon. I’ve been disappointed by so many great-sounding podcasts that failed to fulfill their promise that I’m reluctant to recommend this one until I listen to a couple of shows myself. So stay tuned, reader.

Added a couple of new pictures to the random display on the website. One’s of some purple flowers (which almost never comes up – I can’t figure out why) in Michigan this past summer and the other is a yellow fungus from a state park. Does that one count as a flower? I would appreciate it if my reader would try reloading the website a few times to see if the purple flower one comes up. Here’s what it looks like:

By the way, we’re still looking for Reader number three! Where are you?

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