I was looking back at some photos from Summer 2005, and I think I boiled the essence of the summer down to four pictures. Here’s the first one. We were at Worlds End State Park, the place was beautiful, the weather was warm, we had a great time, and it was a good fire that night.

Back to reality. Last night’s snowstorm pretty much fizzled out on us. There was probably a little less than an inch on the driveway at Swampy Bottom this morning, versus the six or so we were expecting. There were a lot of disappointed kids around here this morning who found out school wasn’t being cancelled. Fortunately for them, there’s another chance this week – we’re expecting another snowstorm on Thursday night/Friday morning.

I have to say, though, that it was an absolutely beautiful day. After last night’s dusting on top of the weekend’s few inches, the sun came out this morning and turned everything brilliant white and clean-looking. On top of that, the streets all melted. Sweet. Why do I like the snow so much before Christmas but only tolerate it afterwards?

I have a great idea for this website – I want to write a Java script that will list all my readers’ first names in the rightmost column of the page. My user (or each user, eventually) would have his or her name in the column for a week or a month or a day or some reasonable amount of time. It might make it look like somebody actually reads the page! I wonder how hard it would be to create.

Summertime pictures two through four tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday.

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