As promised yesterday, here’s Loyal Reader Number Seven’s robot. It appears to be part of a Robot Competition of some kind, possibly a contest to pick up balls. Cool robot, LRN7! Tell us about it. Photo courtesy of LRN7, of course.

Not much to report today. The train’s running somewhat late again. I’ve been aboard for about an hour now and we’ve only gone about halfway. That should have taken more like 45 minutes. We were about half an hour late getting home last night, which was much better than the train just before mine. It was an hour and a half late. Yikes! I may be getting a chance to compare and contrast the trip in the train versus my car next week. I have a two-day offsite Management Training class on Tuesday and Wednesday. The hotel is very close to the Fortress of Solitude, which is very close to the train station, so it may well be that I can ride rather than drive. I’ll check out the location details on the internet sometime over the weekend. No hurry.

The Pool People are coming over tomorrow to put in the forms for the patio area. They have to get that work inspected before they can actually pour the cement, so we don’t know how long it will be before that part is done. One of the good things about this is that they’ll have to clean up the huge piles of cement they left all over the yard the other day when they sprayed the gunite.

I’m pleased to report that the tile work looks fine. There are a few mistakes they’ll have to correct, of course, but it looks like Good Solid Construction for the most part. The waterfall unit is in and looks fine too. I’m really starting to believe we’ll be swimming sometime in September.

I’m enjoying my twice-daily walks between the on-campus bus stop and my building at work. It’s about a 12-minute walk each way, and I always end up moving pretty much as quickly as I can. I was reminded my first couple of days of all those long walks across campus in college. The engineering building and PE complex were in opposite corners of the very large campus, and I inevitably had back-to-back-to-back classes between them, meaning that I had to make that walk at absolutely top speed twice every day. I would get terrible shin splints at the beginning of the semester, to the point that the muscles controlling my feet would just give out for a while. My feet flopped like clown shoes. The upside is that the exercise got me into much better shape.

I’m glad to report that my feet are still under control and the walk is already starting to get easier. Maybe I’ll even drop a couple of pounds. The other good thing (for my gut, anyway) is that there’s no place to buy any decent food anywhere near my office. I would have to walk all the way across campus to grab breakfast or an afternoon snack, which just isn’t worth it. We do have a roach coach, but I never remember to go check it out. I don’t even know its hours. There have been times when I would certainly have welcomed a breakfast burrito, though, let me tell you. I miss the Newtown C-Store, but it’s just as well, isn’t it?

That’s it for today. Da zaftra.

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