Sword Lady

We’re going way back to my early-summer trip to France today. The sword lady looks like she could use a little work on her complexion. They sure have some nice statues there, I’ll say that much for them Frenchies.

No WiFi on the train: America Held Hostage, day 8. How long can one person stand this abuse? Still, this WordPad thing is working out pretty well, all things considered. I just have to look up the links and add the Great Art when I get home.

The Pool People showed up late in the afternoon today to put in the concrete forms, shuffle the construction mess around a little, and generally get Ready for Inspection (Polish that brass, soldier! You’re all worthless and weak. Now drop and give me twenty!). At least that’s what I’m told. I should know for sure in roughly an hour. The schedule for further pool-related events is a mystery to us. They call us only a day or two beforehand. Fortunately, all their work is outdoors, so we don’t necessarily have to be there. In fact, I’ve never personally seen a Pool Person, but I have faith in their existence, having seen the fruits of their labors.

Unfortunately, the movers failed to show up today. Loyal Reader Number Four called them and learned that they hadn’t had a chance to get to us today, but they plan to make it tomorrow. Unfortunately, LRN4 has tickets to the Sacramento Temple open house tomorrow, so she told them she won’t be available until Friday. They said they’ll unload all our stuff at the warehouse tomorrow, load it into another truck, and deliver it on Friday. That’s not a very satisfying solution because of the incurable Moving Company habit of breaking and/or losing things every time they touch them, so it will be interesting to see what LRN4 manages to work out with them.

I forgot to mention that I’m the new Ward Mission Leader. I’ve done that job before and hope to enjoy doing it again and make a contribution of sorts. I was sustained on Sunday afternoon and conducted my first correlation meeting three hours later. I’m hoping to be a little bit better informed at next week’s meeting. I have a four-page handbook and the Sharing the Gospel book, which I’ve been studying pretty much every evening.

We’re about halfway home and we’ve used about half of the allotted time. The Supertrain may actually be on time tonight! The family won’t know what to do with me showing up so early.

I’ve been looking forward to actually taking my off Friday off this week but, alas, it’s not to be. I now have meetings scheduled at 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00. I suppose I’ll have to drive down there in the morning and come home at noon or so. I’m not happy about this, but life is tough. How long before I can retire?

That’s all for now, Vladimir. See you tomorrow.

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