Rock truck

Here’s the fire truck on Alcatraz (AKA “the rock”). Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number One, using Loyal Reader Number Four’s camera.

Wednesday go-to-meetin‘ night, as usual. The full-time missionaries reported that Kathryn, the nice young woman we visited last Saturday is going to join the church, with her baptism scheduled on the 25th of this month. Everybody was pleased about it. Of course.

No joy last night compiling Delta 3D. I’m giving up on the Linux version and will try the Windows version to see if I can get it to compile a tutorial. It’s digging its own grave around here with the impossible installation. In the meantime, Loyal Reader Number Three was able to install the Microsoft tools and compile one of the sample games. We still need to go through the tutorials and see how easy it is to program.

Loyal Reader Number Five went on a job interview this evening. She feels like she’s way overqualified and has a good chance of getting the job. Let’s hope for the best! I mentioned Loyal Reader Number Six at my meeting tonight to see if anybody knows of available work in his line. Nothing yet, but something will come up.

I just saw the worst music video ever. Let me know if you agree. As opposed to the best music video ever.

Gotta go. See you tomorrow.

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