Cannes at night

Here’s a night scene in Cannes a few years back. It was usually pleasant there in the evening.

I didn’t mention yesterday a couple of important weekend events. My father flew in on Saturday and he, Loyal Reader Number Four, and I attended a memorial service for my late Aunt Bea. It was kind of a hippy funeral – saxaphone music and poetry, among other things – but it was very touching, as it consisted mostly of people talking about how Bea had affected their lives. I learned a lot about her and certainly came to appreciate her life more than I had before.

The Loyal Father is having a bit of skin cancer removed tomorrow. Good luck, LF!

The week has been normal so far. I’m trying one more time to get Delta 3D installed on Larry. Now that 32-bit Linux is on there, I have reasonably high hopes that I’ll be able to get everything on and working this time. Wish me luck.

Better get to it now. See you Wednesday.

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