Loyal Readers at EFY

Here are Loyal Readers Numbers One and Seven at EFY this year. Photo courtesy of LRN7, presumably shot by someone else with her camera. Thanks for the picture, LRN7!

Very Short Shrift tonight. I’m am SO sleepy it’s not easy to even sit up straight. I stayed up pretty late last night, working on reinstalling Linux on Larry. It has Fedora 7 now, and it’s working just fine. Mostly. There are a few strange things, such as the fact that I can’t install anything in the upper and lower panels on my desktop on the terminal directly connected to the computer, but I can in the terminal accessed from VNC. In fact, when I try to install applets in the session running on the terminal, they show up in the VNC window. Weird-o-rama.

Accomplished some over the weekend. We finally borrowed a trouble code reader on Friday so we could diagnose LRN1’s car’s check engine light, reduced gas mileage, and malaise of spirit. While I was working on installing the reader’s software on my laptop, I discovered that LRN1’s car has an older version of the diagnostic system and wouldn’t work with the machine I had borrowed. We looked it up on the internet and found a way to pull codes using a jumper wire and a 12-volt trouble light. It turned out to be the mass airflow sensor, which was unable to pass its oddly-named “goose” test, which apparently means full-throttle acceleration. We bought a new part at the local Kragen and installed it in about five minutes. The car has all its power back and doesn’t appear to be reporting a problem anymore. Woo hoo!

We helped the person move on Saturday morning. She wasn’t even nearly prepared, so we did what we could do and left her to finish moving the thousands of tiny little unpacked things herself. Hate to do that, but you have to be ready if you want help.

Didn’t fix the water softener. I’ll get to that next weekend, presumably.

Also didn’t reinstall the game engine. Maybe tomorrow night.

Anything else that happened on the weekend will have to wait until tomorrow. See you then.

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